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Sun Tracker Apps


Sun Tracker Apps as the solar energy revolution gains momentum, harnessing the full potential of sunlight has become a priority for solar panel owners. One way to achieve this is through sun tracker apps that optimize the angle and orientation of solar panels, maximizing energy generation. In this article, we explore the world of sun tracker apps, delve into the most common and best options available, and weigh their features, pros, and cons.

sun tracker apps

The Role of Sun Tracker Apps:

Sun tracker apps go beyond simple monitoring; they actively help optimize solar panel performance by aligning them with the sun’s position throughout the day. By adjusting panel angles and directions in real-time, these apps enhance energy production and overall efficiency.

Review of Leading Sun Tracker Apps:

  1. PV Solar Tracker:
    • Features: PV Solar Tracker offers real-time solar tracking and provides accurate solar position data for your location. It helps you find the optimal angles for your panels.
    • Pros: Simple interface, accurate sun position data, adjustable panel angles, supports various panel configurations.
    • Cons: Limited additional features beyond tracking.
  2. Solar Tracker – Sun Seeker:
    • Features: Sun Seeker provides an augmented reality view that shows the sun’s path overlaid on your device’s camera view. It’s known for its visual appeal and accuracy.
    • Pros: Augmented reality display, accurate sun path visualization, real-time tracking.
    • Cons: Might require a learning curve due to its unique visual approach.
  3. SolarEdge Inverter App:
    • Features: While primarily known for its monitoring capabilities, the SolarEdge app also offers some sun-tracking features for its systems. It adjusts the panel angle to maximize energy output.
    • Pros: Integrated with SolarEdge monitoring, automatic panel adjustment, and seamless interface.
    • Cons: Limited to SolarEdge systems.
  4. SolarGaps:
    • Features: SolarGaps takes sun tracking to another level with smart solar blinds that automatically adjust to the sun’s position. The app controls these blinds for optimal energy generation and shading.
    • Pros: Automated solar blinds, hands-free tracking, and energy-efficient shading.
    • Cons: Requires physical installation of SolarGaps blinds.

Comparing the Best:

A comparative analysis of PV Solar Tracker, Sun Seeker, SolarEdge Inverter App, and SolarGaps, considering factors like accuracy, ease of use, compatibility, and additional functionalities.

Choosing the Right Sun Tracker App:

Selecting the optimal sun tracker app hinges on various factors such as the type of solar panel system you have, your level of technical expertise, and your desired degree of automation. While each reviewed app brings something unique to the table, Sun Seeker stands out for its innovative augmented reality approach, providing an immersive experience for optimizing solar panel angles.


Sun Seeker is a standout sun tracker app for its innovative approach. It employs augmented reality, overlaying the sun’s path on your device’s camera view. This real-time visualization aids in precise solar panel positioning.


  • Augmented Reality Interface: Sun Seeker’s augmented reality feature provides a tangible and visual understanding of the sun’s path, making optimal panel placement intuitive.
  • Real-time Tracking: The app offers accurate real-time tracking, ensuring panels are always aligned for maximum exposure.
  • Precision: Sun Seeker’s precision in sun path prediction and panel placement contributes to peak energy production.
  • In-Depth Information: The app offers additional data on sunrise, sunset, and solar azimuth/elevation angles, enhancing user understanding.


  • Learning Curve: Mastering the augmented reality interface might require a learning curve, especially for newcomers to the technology.
  • Device Compatibility: Sun Seeker’s augmented reality feature might not work optimally on older devices or those with limited processing power.

Choosing the Ultimate Sun Tracker App:

While several sun tracker apps exist, Sun Seeker stands as a prime choice due to its unique augmented reality approach. The app’s visual overlay empowers users to interact with solar positioning in an unprecedented way, enhancing accuracy and user engagement.


Sun tracker apps have revolutionized the solar energy landscape by actively optimizing panel angles for enhanced energy generation. Among the options, Sun Seeker shines for its innovative augmented reality approach. Visualizing the sun’s path in real-time, it makes panel placement intuitive and precise, boosting energy output. For those invested in maximizing their solar energy potential, Sun Seeker is an app that not only tracks the sun but propels solar power to new heights.